Monsignor Kenneth Steffen | Biography

Monsignor Kenneth Steffen was born in Effingham, Illinois. With 14 other siblings and the fifth child born in his family, he was the only child to answer the calling to priesthood and became a priest. In addition, he attributes his family with seeding and nurturing him to his vocation. They have always been there for him and were supportive of his decisions.

According to Msgr. Steffen, his father dedicated him to God at a noticeably young age to consider the priesthood. However, as for his mother, she passed on to him the divine gift of faith by practicing it in her day-to-day life. On the other hand, Kenneth’s siblings all stood behind his decision and thanks to their support, he became the person he is today.


Monsignor Kenneth Steffen – Community Involvement

Aside from the early life and the success he has achieved over the years, Monsignor Steffen is also very proud of the respect he has gained from those around him over the years. Why does he help and guide those around him? Because he loves witnessing the spiritual awakening that comes from holy pilgrimages. According to Kenneth, a pilgrimage is the best of both worlds. This is because one can go on a tour and see everything a pilgrim would see. However, with a Catholic pilgrimage, one gets to experience everything there is to offer.

Through these holy pilgrimages, Kenneth has earned the appreciation and respect of many. In addition, during his active years as a priest and reverend, he has gained the recognition of those he’s helped. In fact, he has received a wide array of appreciation letters, cards, and thank you notes from his followers.

Appreciation Letters

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Thank You Cards

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Birthday Cards

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Christmas Cards

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