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monsignor steffen holy bible in handAside from his impressive religious career, Monsignor Steffen is also a well educated individual. As the fifth son of 15 children, Kenneth Steffen attended the Diocesan Seminary of the Immaculate Conception and Springfield College. In addition, he pursued both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree at Cardinal Glennon College in St. Louis. Later in his life, he obtained his Doctorate of Ministry in Law from the Catholic University of America. As such, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen understands the importance and significance of education. Throughout his academic, he had to read extensively and write excessively. It was because of the higher education he received as well as the years of practice he had with reading and writing, that honed his communication skills.

Nowadays, Msgr. Kenneth Steffen primarily spends his waking hours practicing religion and leading pilgrimages. However, whenever he gets the chance, he enjoys spending some time reading the news and writing a little bit. As a matter of fact, he occasionally browses Medium to read about the latest and most popular pieces of written work on Catholicism. In addition, he has participate in the blogging culture and published a few of his own blogs.

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Monsignor Kenneth Steffen on the Importance of Spending Time With Family

Family іѕ thе mоѕt cherished possession оf еvеrу person, but unfоrtunаtеlу today’s high-pressure lifestyle аnd work hours thаt zoom rіght thrоugh thе weekend оftеn leave vеrу lіttlе room fоr thе…

Tips on Spending Quality Time with Family according to Msgr. Kenneth Steffen

As a sibling of 14, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen grew up with a very big and loving family. He had the care and support that he ever needed to become successful in life.

Monsignor Kenneth Steffen on the Benefits of Deep Meditation & Prayer

As a religious priest, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen has had years of experience meditating and praying. He claims that the benefits are immense and highly recommends it.

Transformative Power of Faith & Religion in Daily Life according to Monsignor Kenneth Steffen

Religion, spirituality, and faith are concepts that the modern society has become very alienated to, according to Monsignor Kenneth Steffen…

Msgr. Kenneth Steffen on the Benefits of Praying & Meditation

Praying & meditation hаѕ countless positive side effects. Studies hаvе demonstrated thаt thоѕе whо pray and meditate оn а regular basis hаvе reduced illness, stress, аnd nееd fоr rest. However, оnе…