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Monsignor Kenneth Steffen is the 5th child of 15 children. Born to the late Delbert and Alma Steffen, he is a native of Effingham. In addition, growing up in a very religious family, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen was ordained a priest on May 26th, 1984. The monumental event took place at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

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Early Life and Education

Born as the fifth son of 15 children, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen has lived in the United States his whole life. He attended the Diocesan Seminary of the Immaculate Conception and Springfield College. There, he received his associate degree. Upon receiving said degree, he made the decision to pursue his Bachelor’s degree. In fact, he attended Cardinal Glennon College in St. Louis where he received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

With the completion of his undergraduate degree, Kenneth still felt the thirst for knowledge. He wanted to further his academic and become the best version of himself. Therefore, he decide to stay at St. Louis to pursue his Master’s Degree. As a matter of fact, he obtained his Master’s of Divinity and Theology degree from Kenrick Seminary.

Monsignor Kenneth Steffen later moved to Washington, D.C. and received his Doctorate of Ministry in Law from the Catholic University of America. In 1984, he was officially ordained a priest.

Monsignor Kenneth Steffen – Priesthood

With the onset of his religious crusade, Kenneth served as parochial vicar at Little Flower Parish in Springfield from 1984 to 1990 and St. Agnes Parish in Springfield from 1990 to 1993. In addition, he has been co-pastor at St. James and sacramental priest to St. Joseph, Visitation, and St. Anne Parishes since 1993 to 2011. Last but not leasy, he became co-pastor of St. Katharine Drexel Parish and chaplain for St. Patrick Catholic School in 2001.

Msgr. Kenneth Steffen also became the priest for St. Peter and Paul Church in 2013 after the regional bishop’s request. Originally, an old monsignor was going to replace their current priest. However, this monsignor was unable to fulfill his duties and Kenneth took it upon him to shoulder the responsibilities. While there, Kenneth was also Chaplain for St. Anthony of Padua and St. Claire’s Hospitals, which he held until 2014.

Aside from his religious responsibilities and spiritual duties, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen is the Chaplain of the Filipino. In addition, he is also the Chaplain of the Hispanic Catholic Communities and the 5th Degree of Knights of Columbus. Further, he also served as Pastoral Director for Hispice at St. Anthony of Padua and St. Claire Hospitals and serves on multiple boards with both locations.

“Msgr. Steffen is a dedicated priest, hardworking and intelligent” -Bishop George Lucas

“He is certainly well respected by those who collaborate with him and who receive his pastoral services”


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This website serves as a platform for Kenneth Steffen to humbly showcase his prior accomplishments. Msgr. Steffen prays that he can become a pillar of inspiration for those around him. More specifically, he has been featured on various media outlets. Most notably, he appeared in recent times on interview platforms like HobbyJam and Inspirery. On there, he discusses his early life, the obstacles he faced, and how religion plays a vital role in human civilization. In addition, he voices his opinions on the importance of religion on community in a few feature articles. On Patch, he discusses the origins of Catholicism and how it has evolved over the centuries. On the other hand, he expresses his opinion on the role of religion in the nuclear family on Prague Post.

Throughout his entire life, he has helped those around him with the power of religion and spirituality. He relishes in these moments. Moments that allow himself to be of service not only to those around him, but also to divine entities. On  this website, Kenneth hopes to reach out to like-minded individuals. Whether they’re religious individuals, intellectuals, or scholars, Monsignor Kenneth Steffen welcomes them with open arms.